Our Rehab Health 360 Clinic

Welcome to Rehab Health 360, where quality meets humility in personalized healthcare and rehabilitation. Our clinic, conveniently situated on the first floor near the entrance, exudes warmth and welcome right from your arrival.

With a team of dedicated therapists certified in Parkinson's, vestibular deficits, stroke recovery and massage (yes, we have a PT who is also trained as a massage therapist), we passionately pursue excellence in every session. Each therapist brings not just expertise but a heartfelt commitment to your well-being, ensuring that you receive the best treatment with every visit.

In our dynamic environment, discussions are constant, reflecting our earnest desire to listen to our patients. This collaborative spirit extends to our team, where therapists work seamlessly together, relying on each other's strengths to formulate the most effective treatments. Our shared goal is your satisfaction and achievement of the highest level of function.

We believe in more than just treatment – we believe in creating a motivating, fun atmosphere. Here at Rehab Health 360, we've made quality a daily habit, a commitment to your journey towards optimal health and balance. Join us in the pursuit of wellness, where every session is not just a step towards recovery but an experience that leaves you inspired and eager for more. Your wellness journey starts and continues with us.

Our clinic is located on the first floor (suite 102) of the Strawberry Hill Corporate Center at 289 Great Road, Acton, MA, 01270

The clinic features a thoughtfully designed layout, encompassing a fully-equipped gym, a versatile general workout area, and two private rooms with beds for personalized treatment, ensuring a comprehensive and comfortable environment tailored to your healthcare and rehabilitation needs.

Our clinic stands out with a dedicated team of compassionate and experienced healthcare professionals, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and support throughout your wellness and rehabilitation process.

We prioritize a patient-centered approach, fostering open communication and collaboration between our skilled practitioners and individuals seeking care, creating a welcoming environment where your unique health goals are our top priority.

Our clinic specializes in vestibular rehabilitation using cutting-edge technology, including Vestibular First goggles, to provide personalized and effective treatments for balance and dizziness issues.